Toxic Plants

  1. It is suggested by several sources Readers Digest and various Medical Journals that the number of poisoned animals may be only 1 to 2 percent of the total number of cases that are seen by vets each Year.
  2. They also suggest that there is no difference between the sexes. Meaning both are affected equally.
  3. There is also no specific season for variation in poisoning's, but specific agents do have seasonal peaks. These include exposure to insects stings (like bee's and wasp), snake bites, ethylene gycol (automotive antifreeze which they lick off of the skin), and pesticides and rodenticide compounds.
  4. Cat's are generally less frequently poisoned than dogs.

Size and breed do not make a difference!!!

Here is a partial listing of some of the many TOXIC PLANTS

Toxic Ornamental and Garden Plants
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Alpenrose Rhododendron Ferrugineum Flowers Leaves Gastroenteric
American Mistletoe Phoradendrom Flavescens Berries Gastroenteric
Apricot Prunus Armeniaca Pits Cyanide Producers
Azalea Azalea Spp., ALL PARTS Gastroenteric
Bitter Almond Prunus Dulcis Var. Amara Bark, Laes, Especially Seeds Cyanide Producers
Black Locust Robinia Pseudoacacia Bark, Green Growth, Seeds, Proably, Thorns = Mechanical Hazard Gastroenteric, Cardiac, Neurologic
Black Nightshade Solanum Nigrum ALL PARTS Gatroenteric
Bluebonnets Lupinus Spp., Seeds Neurologic
Bog Billberry Vaccinium Uliginosum Berries (verry suseptible to a fine mold, which may be responsible for any toxicities) Neurologic, Gastroenteric
Boxwood or Box Buxus Sremervirens ALL PARTS Mainly Cardiac, Gastroenteritis, Neurologic
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Bulbous Corydalis Corydalis Cava Bulbs Neurologic
Buttercup (Meadow) Ranunculus Sceleratus All Top Growth Gatroenteric, Neurologic, Renal
Buttercup (Celery-Leafed Ranunculus Sceleratus All Top Growth Mainly Gstroenteric, Neurologic
Caladium (Sometimes Called Elephants Ear) Caldium Spp., Leaf, Stem, Stalk Stomatitis-Glossitis
Castor Bean Ricinus Communis ALL PARTS Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Cherry Laurel Prunus Laurocerasus Pits Or Seeds Cyanide Producer
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Chinaberry Melia Azedarach Fruit Neurologic
Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema Spp. Leaves Stomatitis-Glossitis
Chinese Primrose Primula Obconica Sap Mainly Dermatitis, Slight Gastroenteric
Chinese Wisteria Wisteria Sinensis Seeds Hepatogenous
Christmas Cherry Solanum Pseudocapsicum Berries Gastroenteric
Christmas Rose Helleborus Niger Leaves and Stems Cardiac, Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Climbing Lily Gloriosa Superba ALL PARTS Gastroenteric
Common Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Green, Uncooked Pods and Tendrils Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Common Privet Ligustrum Vulgare ALL PARTS Berries most potent Gastroenteric, Mild
Crous Crocus Sativus, Colchicum autumnale Primarily Bulbs Gastroenteric, Renal, Cardiac
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Croton (Variegated) Codiaeum Variegatum Sap and Stems Dermatitis, Mild (Sap),Stomatitis (Stems)
Croton Croton Tiglium Expecially the Seeds Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Cycad Zamia Spp., Zamia Floridana, Cycas Revoluta Seed Expecially, Ocasionally Meal Hepatic
Cyclamen Cyclamen Purpurascens Tuberous Rhizomes and Sap Gastroeneteric, Neurologic, Dermatitis
Daffodil Narcissus Pseudonarcissus Primarily Bulbs, But all of Plant Gastrenteric
Deadly Nightshade Solanum Nigrum or Atropa Belladonna ALL PARTS Gastroenteric
Dieffenbachia or Mother-in-Law Plant Sambucus Nigra Leaves, Stem, Stalk Stomatitis-Glossitis
Elephat's Ear Alocasia Spp., Colocasia Antiquorum, Philodendron SPP. ALL PARTS Stomatitis-Glossitis
Euonymus Euonmus Spp. Leaves, Berries, Stem, Sap Cardiac
Flase Acacia (see Black Locust) Rodinia Pseudoacacia
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Firethorn Pyracantha Coccinea Berries Gastroenteric, Mild; Mild Cyanide Producer
Foxglove Digitalis Purpurea ALL PARTS Cardiac
Glory Lily Gloriosa Superba WHOLE PLANT Cardiac
Golen Chain Laburnum Anagyroides ALL PARTS Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Golden Pothos (potted Ivy) Epiprenum (Scindapsus) spp. All Parts Stomatitis-Glossitis
Heavenly Blues or Morning Glory Ipomoea Purpurea Especially Seeds Neurologic
Henbane Hyoscyamus Niger WHOLE PLANT Neurologic (Resembles Atropine Overdose)
Holly Ilex Aquifolium Especially Seeds Gastrenteric, Neurologic
Hydrangea Hydrangea Macrophylla, H. Quercifoia, H. Arborescens ALL PARTS Gastroenteric (Mild cyanide Producer, No clinical Signs Associated with this Cardiac
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Ivy (English) Hedera Helix Seeds Or Fruit Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Japanese Wisteria Wisteria Floribunda Seeds Gastroenteric
Jassamines (Day or Night Blooming) Cestrum Diurnum or Cestrum Nocturnum Berries (Ripe and Unripe) Gastroenteric, Neurologic: (C. Diurum contains Vitamin D)
Jimson Weed, Moon Trumpet, Thornapple Datura Stramonium ALL PARTS Neurologic (Resembles Atropine Overdose)
Kafir Lily Clivia Miniata Bulbs Mostly Gastroenteric
Lantana Lantana Camara Fruit Gastroenteric, Mildly Cardiac
Larkspur Delphinium Elatum Flowers and Seeds Gastroenteric, Cardiac, Neurologic, DEATH
Lily of the Valley Convallaria Majalis WHOLE PLANT Cardiac, Renal
Matrimony Vine Lycium Barbarum,L.HalimifoliumL.Carolinianum Leaf, Stem, Stalk Gastroenteric, Neurologic, Cardiac, DEATH
Monkshood Aconitum Napellus ALL PARTS Gastroenteric, Neurologic, Cardiac, DEATH
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Moon Trumpet (See Jimson Weed) Datura Stramonium
Morning Glory Ipomoea Purpuera
Mother-In-Law Plant (See Dieffenbachia) Dieffenbachia Spp.
Nandina Nandina Domestica Foliage and Berries Cyanide Producers
Oleander Nerium Oleander ALL PARTS Cardiac
Peach Prunus Persica Seeds Cynide Producers
Plum Prunus Domestica Seeds Cyanide Producers
Poinsettia Euphorbia Pulcherrima ALL PARTS Gastroenteric
Poppy Papaver Spp. Berries, Stems, Sap Neurologic, Secondary Efects on Respiratory
Potato Solanum Tuberosum Edible Tubers, But Green Growth and Sprouts are Toxic; Most Top Parts Gastroenteric
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Purple Flag Iris Iris Versicolor Bulbs Gastroenteric
Pyacantha (See Firethorn) Pyracantha Coccinea
Rhododendron Rhododendron Ferrugineum ALL PARTS Gastroenteric
Rhubarb Rheym Rhaponticum Leaves Stomatitis-Glossitis
Sowbread (See Cyclamen) Purpuracens
Split-Leaf Philodendrom Philodendrom Spp., Monstera Spp., Daphne Laureola ALL PARTS Stomatitis-Glossitis
Spurge Laurel Daphne Laureola ALL PARTS Cardiac, Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Star-Of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum Umbellatum Bulbs Gasttroenteric, Neurologic
Stinking Iris Iris Foetidissima WHOLE PLANT Gastroenteric, Severe
Sweet Pea Lathyrus Odoratus Folage and Seeds Neurologic
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Sweetheart Vine Philodendron Spp., Leaves, Sems, Stalk Stomatitis-Glossitis
Thornapple (See Jimson Weed) Datura Stranonium
Tobacco Nicotiana Tabacum Leaves Neurologic
Tulip Tulipa Spp., Bulbs Gastroenteric, Neurologic Stomatitis-Glossitis
Virginia Creeper, American Ivy Parthenocissus Quinquefolia Leaves, Stem Stomatitis-Glossitis
Wild Rosemary ledum Palustre Esential Oil Contained in Leaes Gastroenteric, Neurologic, Cardiac, DEATH
Wolf's Bane Aconitum Vulparis ALL PARTS Gastroenteric, Neurologic, Cardiac, DEATH
Wood Laurel Daphne Laureola ALL PARTS Cardiac, Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Yellow Iris Iris Pseudaccorus Bulbs Gastroenteric, Neurologic
Yellow Jessamine Gelsemium Semervirens Berries and Roots Neurologic
Common Name Scientific Name Toxic Parts System Affected
Yew Taxus Spp., Foliage, Bark, Seeds Cardiac, Neurologic
Youpon Holly Ilex Vomitoria Berries Gastroenteric

Here are some more but what systems they affect and or symptoms they produce are unknown to me.
Anemone Angel's Trumpet Amaryllis
Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Avocado
Balsam Balsam Pear Baneberry
Bird of Paradise Bittersweet Black - Eyed - Susan
Bleeding Heart Bloodroot Bracken Fern
Buckeye Burning Bush Cactus
Calla Lily Cherry (Most Forms) Chrysanthemum
Coriaria Cornflower Cowbane
Creeping Charlie Crown of Thorns Daphne
Delphinium Dologeton Dumb Cane
Dutchman's Breeches Eggplant Dlderberry
Emerald Duke English Holly Flax
Four o' Clock Golden Glow Golden Chain Tree
Greasewood Growndsell Hellebore
Hemlock Honeysuckle Horse Chestnut
Horsetail Hyacinth Indian Poke
Iris Jack - in - the - Pulpit Japanese Plum
Java Beans Jimson Weed Jonquil
Laburnum Laurel Lily (MOST FORMS)
Lobelia Locoweed Lupine
Marble Queen Marijuana Mayapple (Mandrake)
Mescal Bean Marsh Marigold (Cowslip) Mock Orange
Monkey Pod Moonseed Mountain Laurel
Mushrooms Narcissus Nightshade
Nutmeg Nux Vomica Oak (Leaves and Acorns)
Onions Pathos Pear
Peyote Peony Periwinkle
Pigweed Pimpernal Poinsettia
Poison Ivy Poison Oak Pokeweed
Privet Ragwort Rain Tree
Red Princess Rhubarb Rosary Pea
Scotch Broom Skunk Cabbage Sneezeweed
Snowdrop Soapberry Sour Dock (Sorrel)
Spinach Spindletree Seeds Sprangeri Fern
Tansy Timber Milk Vetch Tomato
Trillium Umbrella Plant Virginia Creeper
Yew (Most Forms)

Hazardous Chemicals

Arts andCrafts Supplies
  • Methyl Ethyl Keytone
  • Turpentine

  • Oil Paints and Tempera Paints
    • Pigment Salts of Lead
    • Arsenic
    • Copper and Cadmium
    • Frost Removers
      • Ethylene Glycol
      • Isopropyl Alcohol
      • Lubricants
        • Barium Compounds
        • Isopropyl Alcohol
        • Kerosene
        • Lead Compounds
        • Stoddard Solvent
        • Motor Fuel
          • Gasoline
          • Kerosene
          • Tetraethyl Lead
          • Radiator Cleaners
            • Boric Acid
            • Oxalic Acid
            • Sodium Chromate
            • Shock Absorber Fluids
              • Petroleum Ether
              • Tire Repair
                • Benzene
                • Windshield Washer
                  • Ethylene Glycol
                  • Isopropyl Alcohol
                  • Methyl Alcohol

                  • Cleaners, Disinfectants, Sanitaziers, Bleaches, Polishers
                    • Ammonium Hydroxide
                    • Benzene
                    • Cabon Tetrachloride
                    • Hydrochloric Acid
                    • Methyl Alochol
                    • Napatha
                    • Nitrobenzene
                    • Oxalic Acid
                    • Phosphoric Acid
                    • Sodium Fluoride
                    • Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide
                    • Sodium Hypochlorite
                    • Sodium Perborate
                    • Sulfuric Acid
                    • Trichloroethane
                    • Turpentine
                    • Disinfectants, Sanitizers
                      • Acids
                      • Alkalis
                      • Hypochlorites
                      • Iodophors
                      • Paradichlorobenzene
                      • Phenol, Cresols
                      • Phenyl Mercuric Acetate
                      • Pine Oil
                      • Quaternary Ammonium

                      • Health and Beauty Aids
                        Athlet's Foot
                        • Caprylic Acid
                        • Copper
                        • Propionic Acid
                        • Sodium
                        • Undecylenic Acid
                        • Zinc Salts
                        • Bath Preparations
                          • Bath Oils
                          • Perfume
                          • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
                          • Trisodium Phosphate
                          • Corn Removers
                            • Phenoxyacetic Acid
                            • Salicylic Acid
                            • Deodorants and Antiperspirants
                              • Alcohol
                              • Alumimum Chloride
                              • Diet Pills
                                • Amphetamines
                                • Diuretics
                                • Thyroid Hormone
                                • Eye Make - Up
                                  • Boric Acid
                                  • Peach Kernel Oil, qs
                                  • Hair Preparations
                                    • Cadmium Chloride
                                    • Cupric Chloride
                                    • Dyes, Tints
                                    • Ferric Chloride
                                    • Lead Acetate
                                    • Permanent Wave Lotions
                                    • Pyrogallol
                                    • Silver Nitrate
                                    • Thioglycolic Acid
                                    • Headache
                                      • Aspirin
                                      • Phenacetin
                                      • Suntan Lotions
                                        • Alcohol
                                        • Tannic Acid and Derivatives
                                        • Laxatives
                                          • Irritant or Stimulatnt Laxatives
                                          • Aloes
                                          • Aloin
                                          • Cascara Sagrada
                                          • Limiments
                                            • Camphor
                                            • Chloroform
                                            • Oil of Wintergreen (Methyl Saliclate)
                                            • Pine Oil
                                            • Turpentine
                                            • Nailetic
                                              • Acetone
                                              • Alcohol
                                              • Benzene
                                              • Ethyl Acetate
                                              • Nail Enamel
                                              • Nail Polish
                                              • Nail Polish Remover
                                              • Toluene
                                              • Tricresyl Phosphate
                                              • Ointments
                                                • Benzoic Acid
                                                • Borates
                                                • Caprlic Acid
                                                • Menthol
                                                • Mercury Compounds
                                                • Oil of Wintergreen (Methyl Slicylate)
                                                • Phenols
                                                • Salicylic Acid
                                                • Perfumes, Toilet Waters, and Colognes
                                                  • Alcohol
                                                  • Essential Oils
                                                  • Floral Oils
                                                  • Perfume Essence
                                                  • Shampoos
                                                    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
                                                    • Triethanolamine Dodecyl Sulfate
                                                    • Shaving Lotions
                                                      • Alochol
                                                      • Boric Acid
                                                      • Somnolents (Sleeping Pills)
                                                        • Barbiturates
                                                        • Bromides
                                                        • Stimulants
                                                          • Amphetamine
                                                          • Caffeine
                                                          • Methylene Chloride
                                                          • Toulene
                                                          • Pentachlorophenol
                                                          • 2,4-D

                                                          • Pencils, Indeligle
                                                          • Crystal Violet

                                                          • Photographic Supplies
                                                            • Borates
                                                            • Bromides
                                                            • Iodides
                                                            • Thiocyanates
                                                            • Fixatives
                                                              • Sodium Thiosulfate
                                                              • Hardeners
                                                                • Aluminum Chloride
                                                                • Formaldehyde

                                                                • Automotive and Machinery Products
                                                                  Antifreeze, Fule System De-icers
                                                                  • Ethylene Glycol
                                                                  • Isopropyl Alcohol
                                                                  • Methanol
                                                                  • Rust Inhibitors
                                                                  • Brake Fluids
                                                                    • Butyle Ethers of Ethylene Glycol and Related Glycols
                                                                    • Ethyl Ethers of Ethylene Glycol and Related Glycols
                                                                    • Methy Ethers of ethylene Glycol and Related Glycols
                                                                    • Carburetor Cleaners
                                                                      • Cresol
                                                                      • Ethylene Dichloride
                                                                      • Corrosion Inhibitors
                                                                        • Borates
                                                                        • Sodium Chromate
                                                                        • Sodium Nitrate
                                                                        • Engine and Motor Cleaners
                                                                          • Cresol
                                                                          • Ethylene Dichloride
                                                                          • Methylene Chloride