The White Doberman

What is a White Doberman?

The White Doberman or Albinistic Doberman has a genetic fault that masks the pigment of our four normal colors. It is a recessive gene which, when expressed, greatly reduces the number of pigment granules (melanocytes) in hair, skin and eyes, This gives the appearance of a light cream based coat with dead white markings. they always have translucent blue eyes with pink noses, eye rims and foot pads, They are TYROSINASE POSITIVE ALBINOS.
Geneticists and examining veterinarians have determined that these dogs suffer from a deleterious form of partial albinism. The greatly reduced pigment in skin and eyes causes marked photosensitivity (squint or shut eyes in sunlight) and increased risk of solar skin damage including cancer. PHOTOSENSITIVITY IS A HANDICAP FOR A WORKING BREED.
The original purpose of our breed was that of a working sentry dog to accompany their mantes on their rounds at night. White is readily seen, thereby destroying the element of surprise and imperiling the dog's ability to do it's work.

Do not let the promoters of "WHITE" Dobermans fool you.
Ethical breeders do not intentionally breed for disqualifying faults.

Breeders of disqualified Dobermans would like to lead the public to believe that their dogs are MIRACULOUSLY FREE OF HEALTH PROBLEMS. Nothing could be further from the truth! They in fact have more health problems than the standard Doberman. They have used the distant bloodlines of ethical breeders in a desperate attempt to improve the temperament, health, and conformation of their poor quality animals. The original animals were indiscriminately inbred to Shebah (the first AKC registered "white" Doberman in 1979) solely for her unique color.

Do not let the promoters of "WHITE" Dobermans fool you.

AKC has agreed to implement a tracking system using a "Z" in the registration number thus helping breeders an buyers identify carriers of the albinistic trate. This information helps to segregate the gene pools by aiding in the identification of puppies, stud dogs and brood bitches that are free of the deleterious gene.
If you are considering the purchase of a Doberman study the Blue Registration Slip. Look at the registration number Look for a "Z" identifying puppies that could potentially produce a litter containing "WHITE."
As per AKC there will be a lag time of about 8 YEARS during which time the affected puppies will be identified.

Check out what people who have studied the White say Make an education when it comes to what you are purchasing. Click here for more facts about the White Doberman

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